Test Notes, Week 4

Week 4: Hollywood & Consumerism                                                              

Q: Tom Brokaw’s award-winning documentary, THE NEW HOLLYWOOD, expressed the worry of many, in 1990, that the movies were becoming monopolized by a half dozen corporate giants, or conglomerates.  Is this kind of monopoly actually legal?   Who are these conglomerates?  What does vertical integration mean?  What is an anchor product?  also: windows, majors, independents, exhibitors, distributors, product placement, merchandising, anti-trust terminology (the 1948 laws, monopolies, etc.) 

Q: Discuss the relationships between the messages and values of Hollywood and the idea of consumerism.    

Q: What does Jacobovici mean by the idea of HOLLYWOODISM?  What values does Hollywood represent, and what is Jacobovici‘s theory as to how this value system came about?   Discuss Neal Gabler and Simcha Jacobovici‘s 2 part theory. 

Q: What was the Edison Trust?  Against whom did it discriminate and how?                     


  • Charlie Rose: The Road to Innovation (with George Clooney & Michael Eisner) – In a field in which it is next to impossible to get a creative idea to the big screen, what does George Clooney assert that the ‘next wave’ of filmmakers will use to promote their art? What will be their medium?
  • Behind the Screens: Hypercommercialism –  How has modern Hollywood cinema simply become another advertising medium?
  • Hollywoodism, dir: Simcha Jacobovici

Also: REEVES’ FOURTH LECTURE: “Hollywoodism and the American Dream”