Test Notes, Week 13

Week 13:  Militarism and News

  • Why does America fight other countries?
  • What is the Military Industrial Complex?  Name the four parts of the MIC?
  • Who coined the term “Military Industrial Complex”?
  • What is a think tank?  What is the most influential Washington think tank?  Who are its most influential members?  What is the Office of Special Plans?
  • How is the history of militarism, since WW2, a history of lies?  Discuss the JFK issue, The Bay of Pigs, Viet Nam, Watergate, the Iran Contra scandal, Rumsfeld & Saddam, Bin Laden vs. the Soviets.
  • How many American agencies are employed by the US government to produce “advocacy” news?
  • According to Chomsky, how many definitions of democracy exist in Western culture?  Why are there these different definitions? What do elite groups in America think of the average person’s ability to participate in the administration of the country and its affairs?
  • What historical era, in modern history, caused the US military to commandeer the American media’s coverage of war?  What divisive presidential statement, post-911, effectively silenced frank press coverage of war?***
  • How did the US military censor coverage of the first Gulf War in the 1990s?
  • How did the US military censor coverage of the recent war in Iraq ?  Explain the genius of current system…
  • What do we not see on the American media’s coverage of war?