Test Notes, Week 12

Week 12:  Television

  • What is the free lunch?
  • What is television’s role in the “big picture”?
  • How does television participate in America ‘s foreign policy of world domination?  What ideology is sold internationally through television?
  • How would Ramsey Clark refer to television?
  • What is “the business of television”?
  • What are the two issues about a television show about which advertisers care the most?
  • Explain “censorship by substitution.”
  • The texture of television, according to Richard Albarino, is a mixture of what two elements?
  • According to Todd Gitlin, what three American values are presented on American television? Explain these…
  • Why does an atmosphere of cynicism pervade the entire phenomenon of television?
  • How do television and advertising censor the content of television, at every level?  
  • What is a good “environment” for a given TV ad (what kind of show)?
  • Explain how Nixon was present at three key moments in the history of the relationship between politics and television?
  • What does Gitlin mean when he says that TV is nothing but the redistribution of its own moves?  How does this relate to post-modernism?
  • In what way do L.A. ‘s TV people live in a culture of culturelessness?  How many people at the top participate in producing the content of TV?
  • FILM: The Truth about Lies: The Tube is Reality (PPT)