Test Notes, Week 11

Week 11:  Advertising and Consumerism

  • Who are you advertising today? (externalizing advertising costs through “walking billboards”)
  • In the “big picture” of our society, what is the medium and what is the message?
  • How does advertising promote distraction, bread, and circuses?
  • How does advertising make us feel? Competent… attractive?
  • What are the main messages carried in advertising?
  • What evidence do you find that our society commodifies people?
  • How are people in our culture taught to be adult North Americans?  What consumer products are used to enculturate humans to be…  Americans?  …  men & women?  … consumers?
  • What is shock advertising?
  • How do you feel about censorship of commercials?  Should all subject matter be permitted in ads?
  • Explain how these experts/artists feel about this issue…. Ed McCabe & Bill Tragos, Oliviero Toscani, Joe Pytka, Wim Wenders, Horst Wackerbarth, Richard Kirshenbaum, David Bowie, Harvey Keitel, Rabbi Henry Sobel