Test Notes, Week 10

Week 10:  The Corporation

  • What is a corporation?
  • What is the historical background surrounding the corporation’s increased power in the 19th century?
  • In what way is the corporation a legal or juristic person?
  • According to the documentary, “The Corporation,” if the corporation is a legal person, what kind of person is it?  What proof do the filmmakers advance to support this assertion? 
  • What are externalities?  In what way is the corporation an “externalizing machine”?
  • What is the primary goal of all corporations, a goal to which they are bound by law?
  • What myth of corporate ethics and practices is shattered by Interface Chairman Ray Anderson?  What is the goal of Mr. Anderson with respect to Interface’s business practices?  Is he successful in his new paradigm? 
  • What is the key issue in a corporation’s decisions to abide by environmental or corruption laws or, conversely, to break the law and incur monetary penalties and fines?

1)   FILM: The Corporation”  Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, & Joel Balkan  http://www.thecorporation.com/



Watch The Corporation, chapters 1 through 7

2)   Focus on The Corporation

3)   “Rethinking The Corporation”   Virginia Rasmussen http://www.poclad.org/articles/rasmussen02.html

4)   “Greening The Corporation”   Ward Morehouse  http://dieoff.org/page62.htm

5)   “Kill The Corporation”   Dennis Fox http://www.alternet.org/story/13830

Essential Terminology

Q: Explain how The World is a Business

Q: Who is Ray Anderson?  Is he a “right winger” or a “left winger”?  What has he proven, once and for all?