Readings, Week 9


  • What is gender (as opposed to sex or sexuality)?
  • How do human beings become ‘gendered,’ or enculturated into gender?  How early does gender enculturation occur, and what consumer products are used to facilitate it?
  • What are our stereotypes of women?  …of men?
  • What stereotypical roles are given to men/to women in popular culture?
  • What effects does advertising have on men/on women?
  • What emotional/physiological effects do gender restrictions have on men/on women?
  • How is societal violence, in part, a direct result of pop culture definitions of masculinity?
  • In what respect could it be observed that the problem of gender and the problem of class intersect?

Beale, Bob. Boundary marking gender difference becoming blurred.

Ingham, Helen. The Portrayal of Women on Television.

Moog, Carol. The Selling of Addiction to Women.

Craig, Steve. How the Advertising Industry Responded to the Onset of the Modern Women’s Movement.

Craig, Steve. Men’s Men and Women’s Women: How Television Commercials Portray Gender to Different Audiences.

Griffiths Merris, re: Lois Smith. A Content Analysis of Gender Differences in Children’s Advertising.

Simpson, Craig. Toying with War.


What is Classism? 

What Is Classism

Monifa, Akilah. Have You Seen Us?

NEW: See Byron Hurt’s “Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes,” at PBS’ website…

VIEW [below]: Jean Kilbourne’s “Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising’s Image of Women” (excerpt)

VIEW [below] Sut Jhally’s “Tough Guise,” featuring Jackson Katz (trailer)