Conspiracy theories: the result of a culture of lies

[reprinted from RE-VO blog,, December 13, 2007]

Many of our friends on myspace regularly chat, discuss, and blog about conspiracy theories.   With rich and wonderful names like ‘Illuminati,’ ‘Ascension 2012,’ ‘Paranormal Supernatural Investigators,’ ‘The Truth,’ and ‘UFO Quest,’ our web brothers and sisters engage daily in logical, patriotic dissent about a great number of issues pertaining to “lies our government told us,” or more often, “lies our world government told us.”

As you may have noticed, the entire raison d’etre for our dreamland11 is to write about, rhyme about, and sing about conspiracy theories.  For myself and Bela Ray (my esteemed guitar guru), it’s not just about promoting our upcoming concept album, “Dreamland and other Conspiracies.”  It’s also about educating people and learning from other learned shamans and educators about the true infrastructure of deceit around which our entire consumerist, militaristic civilization is based.  When we sing or speak of Bilderbergers, Masons, Trilateral Commissioners, and conversely, fallen heroes like William Cooper, it is because our discourse, derived from the logical trajectory through ‘survival,’ ‘critique,’ and ultimately ‘vision,’ can lead to only one conclusion: we live in a psychopathological culture of lies.  Our leaders, seemingly compulsively, lie to us at every turn.

Perhaps this is due to the arrogance that persists as a result of the more insidious of the two definitions of democracy cited, plausibly, by Noam Chomsky (an educator whom some conspiracy theorists suspect of having, himself, been co-opted by CIA and government in a manner similar to that of Timothy Leary in past years) in “Manufacturing Consent.”  The first definition, he explains, is the one that most of us, for much of our lives, have believed to be salient— that we can go to the polls and vote, and our candidate of choice (say, an Al Gore, for example) will be elected, going on to serve the interests of the majority who voted him in.  The second definition, which Chomsky suggests is more pervasive amongst Neo-Cons and even right-wing Democrats than one might believe, is that the ruling classes actually believe that you and I are so foolish and whiny that we should not be allowed to have any real ‘say’ in the dealings of government and its administration.  Furthermore, since we are not primary shareholders in the country’s assets and have little land or belongings (relative to those of the ruling class), we do not deserve to have a ‘say’ in the running of the administration.  Chomsky cites founding father John Jay: “…those who own the country should run it,” or similarly, “the country should be ruled by those who own it, not those who live in it.”

Nevertheless, Chomsky suggests, in order to avoid the kind of revolt that occurs in systems that are blatantly undemocratic (e.g. Russia in 1917), our governments have created those ideological, vapour entities which he calls “Necessary Illusions,” like, for example “democracy,” “freedom,” “liberty,” “the pursuit of happiness,” and so on.  In a fascist state, it doesn’t really matter what the people think or feel—their behaviour and even their thoughts are controlled by “a bludgeon over their heads,” he says.  In these systems, people’s actions are the result of living in a culture of fear (ironically, not extremely dissimilar to that of post 911 America ).  However, we understand that while, for some, in a culture of fear, there may be significant panic-based hoarding of products (which we save for instances of disasters—like the absurd Y2K– that we have been taught to fear), the highest consumption rates occur in an atmosphere of prosperity, of ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom.’  Corporate America, whose CEOs sit prominently on the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and as members of the Bilderberg Group, have deemed that it is not sufficient that we pay out (unless we are wealthy and have great lawyers) a mere 40 to 50% of our earnings to government (and 30% of this 50% quantity goes to war).  Corporate America , in whose pockets are the lion’s share of all politicians, demands an additional 40%….  with which we willing part in order to consume not only our necessities, but also our beloved “stuff” (e.g. plasma TVs, computers, this very Internet on which we are currently communicating).  Thus, if we are truly frugal, we will save the remaining 10%, which we can give to loved ones, or take with us to the grave.

So, believing that we are free, due to what might have been called, in more honest times, “propaganda,” we live in a haze of “bread and circuses,” as the Romans called it, unable and unwilling to lift a finger against the culture of lies that considers us to be little more than talking mules, beasts of burden providing a small portion (our entire earnings, save the 10%) of the funding for New World Order.  Is it any wonder, knowing that we are lied to at every turn, even about the prime directives of our way of life, that we engage in conspiracy theories?  Like so many battered women, all of us exist in a constant state of learned helplessness, expecting and predicting with certainty that every god-damned sentence uttered by some fool in a red Hermes tie is a bald-faced lie.

We were lied to concerning almost every American political scenario of the 20th century.  And in this century, thus far, every scenario has proven to be false.   If we travel back in time, even 60 years, the lies spew out of the time machine like projectile vomit out of Linda Blair.   In Eugene Jarecki’s amazing documentary, “Why We Fight,”  the brilliant Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity spells it out in no uncertain terms:

“We have been lied to in every military escapade in the last 50 or 60 years, without exception.”

And truths about which we were never told can be scored on a wall like the scratches of a hardened lifer counting the days of his incarceration.  North America’s callous disregard for the lives of Jewish Holocaust victims is exemplified both in America’s (Roosevelt’s) denial of safe haven for huge boats filled with refugees from the Nazi’s Final Solution and in IBM’s provision of the computers and software that were used to count the dead and to keep track of the gold extracted from their mouths.

To secure America ’s involvement in Vietnam , American’s were told a huge lie about the Gulf of Tonkin ‘false flag’ incident.   “In a tape recording that surfaced in 2001, President Johnson admits that the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which he used to obtain approval for the Vietnam War  from Congress, never occurred” (Wiki

The Warren Commission (whose three principal members were Masons, and friends of LBJ) concluded that scapegoated assassin Lee Harvey Oswald – who shared an office in New Orleans with CIA operative Howard Hunt – was a lone wolf nutjob, acting alone in his assassination of John F. Kennedy out of psychopathological dysfunction and frustration with his alleged sexual impotence.  In truth, both the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex had the strongest motives for the elimination of Jack, as he had widely declared his intentions both to curtail the CIA’s power –he was already consulting directly with the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff– and to recall the entire Vietnam operation and bring the boys home.  When he thought he was on his deathbed, Hunt revealed to his son that LBJ commissioned S-Force, the secret American death squad responsible for the assassinations of numerous undesirable “Commie” leaders of developing nations (and unsuccessful attempts on Castro), to wack Jack in Dealey Plaza that day in 1963.

In 1969, America landed its ‘Eagle’ at the Moon’s Tranquility base.  As Michael Collins surrounded the tiny satellite, a quarter of a million miles away from the nearest independent movie or still camera, Neil Armstrong stepped from the Lunar Excursion Module and uttered those iconic words: “That’s one small step for [a] man….  One giant leap for mankind.”  In that simple, poetic moment, the US gave the Soviets a sound thrashing, demonstrating once and for all its dominance over all things (especially rockets) that were airborne.  Today, many conspiracy theorists and photographic experts alike, such as David Percy of the Royal Photographic Society, have dissected lighting and shadow angles, film speed, crosshairs, identical backgrounds of scenes shot at different locations, absence of stars in the background, and American flags, to use Dylan’s phrase, blowing in the wind.  The conclusion of conspiracy theorists: at the very least, the photographs of the Apollo missions were, in some manner, manipulated after the fact.  Did humanity land on the moon in the late 60s and 70s?  If so, why haven’t we done it in the last thirty years?   Perhaps the most compelling reason is that which caused the Soviets ultimately to commend America for achieving something that Russians were unable to overcome—  the existence of the Van Allen radiation belts that, out in space, surround the Earth like some great deadly blanket, and caused the Soviets to throw up their hands in resignation.  They determined that, in order to send men to the Moon and bring them back without them having to suffer the effects of radiation poisoning, the capsule would have had to be made of six-foot-thick lead walls.  But good for you, said the Soviet Space program officials….somehow, you Americans overcame this in the tiny tin can that you called a Command module.  Well done.

Re-examining the notorious S-Force, we see that in the 1970s, the deadly crew went on to prominence as the locus behind the botched Watergate scandal, when Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon sent black-faced, black-toqued burglars over to the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate building.  Their mission was to steal not only the evidence that would prove that Nixon received illegal campaign funds, but also evidence of the existence of S-Force itself.  It was a fact that would have shocked and horrified the American public, had it been made public that we assassinate world leaders and political players who refuse to succumb to American hegemony.  Impeached, disgraced, and about to be indicted, he was officially pardoned by none other than Gerald Ford, the next president and that-Warren-Commission-guy.

By the time the 1980s rolled around, we had become so accustomed to lies that most of us failed to notice Mr. Reagan’s money-laundering triangle, used to fund his illegal war against the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, yet another rogue batch who, heaven forbid, refused to allow their gorgeous country to become yet another extension of the massive, ever-growing free-trade enclave that America was building in Central America.  According to the legendary telejournalist Mike Wallace (The US in Latin America : Yankee Go Home. The 20th Century, 1997), to establish and enforce this hegemony, America put armies on Latin American soil no less than 34 times between the end of WW2 and the late 1990s.  Thrice, Mr. “Ray-gun,” as hippies called him in the 60s, was denied funding for his anti-Commie war in Nicaragua–  Congress declared that it was not America ’s business to engage, willy-nilly, in regime change of countries of whose ideologies we disapprove.  Unperturbed, Ron chose a young patriot-wacko named Ollie North (who in the past 15 years went on to be one of the highest-paid public speakers in the world) to assist in carrying out his illegal fundraising operation, selling arms to both Iran and Iraq in their vicious 1980s war to raise money for the CIA-backed rebel army, the Contras.  To further purify the dirty proceeds of our gun-running escapades, conspiracy theorists say that we bought cocaine from CIA operative Escobar, and voila…  America went into the drug trade.

Today, over $1 trillion a year flows into America ’s budget from the sales of illegal drugs worldwide.  Michael Reich’s segmentation theory (Balkaran, Mass Media & Racism, 1999) demonstrates amply white America ’s mandate to divide and conquer minorities in America , undermining the civil rights movement, and perpetuating both inter- and intra-race gang wars.  Conspiracy theorists say George Herbert Walker Bush declared war on the African-American when cocaine was dropped, like some great Arctic blizzard, on the urban ghettoes of America .   The final result of the money laundering triangle, (weapons for money/money for coke/coke for money, and of course, ultimately, money for Contras) was free-and-clear funds used to fuel a war with which Congress would have nothing to do.

What was G.H.W. Bush’s actual role in all this?  America needed an extremely high-placed player, with diplomatic immunity, to carry illegal bribes to small central American nations like the Honduras .  Bill Moyers, in his shocking documentary “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” shows us incredible footage of Mr. Bush…. at that time, soon to be #41….  secretly named “The Emissary,” like some Star Trek character named Sisko….  carrying his elegant leather briefcase filled with money and promises to corrupt or victimized (or both) Central American leaders, who were either bribed or threatened… or both.  The Honduras, a tiny nation the size of Tennessee, became the eighth largest recipient of American aid in the world–  because it allowed the “Contras,” really a CIA-funded and trained bunch of commandoes, to fly their helicopters back-and-forth across the border into Nicaragua.

In the midst of Reagan’s smoky entry into the wild grasp of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease, in his deposition at the trial of Rear Admiral John M. Poindexter (Reagan’s former national security advisor), the following transaction occurred:

Q. Now, just in a very general sense, Mr. President, I take it you have some recollection of the events that led up to what is now called, for lack of a better word, the Iran-contra affair or the Iran-contra event?

A. Yes. Did you –

Q. Yes. I was just asking if you had some general recollection about the event.

A. Yes. It was a covert action that was taken at my behest.

And so, having confessed to high crimes and, virtually, to treason, the president was about to be indicted…..  Then, he was pardoned by former CIA director, vice president, and now, next-president George Herbert Walker Bush.  Reagan was free to retire to his exquisite California ranch, to ride his Arabian horses, become one of the most revered presidents in the history of any nation, and gradually forget even his own name.

The early 1980s was brewing what may be the greatest web of lies ever designed in the history of humanity.  It was only in 2002, once again at a public hearing, that a certain Donald Rumsfeld finally admitted, after denying it repeatedly, to having met the clearly-evil Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.  It was only after he was, himself, shown controversial footage taken by Al-Jazeera in the early 80s, that he was forced to admit that he had met the cruel human-rights violator.  We now know that Rumsfeld, like all of the defense or external affairs ministers of a half-dozen G8 nations, was meeting with him to sell him arms, including heinous biochemical supplies that were later used on the much-oppressed Kurdish population of the North.  Why did we believe, for over fifteen years, that there were weapons of mass destruction hidden away in the sandy confines of the world’s oldest civilization?  Becausewe had the receipts, as did the Germans, the Brits, the French, and the Italians.

Meanwhile, in late 80s Afghanistan, a 6-and-a-half foot Arab named Bin Laden was being paid billions to train the mujahedeen to fight against the Soviet Union in the bitter Afghan-Soviet border war.  During this period, Mr. Bin Laden was unquestionably that which we have called so many others in similar intimate relationships with our intelligence community–  a CIA operative.  With the help of his family’s extraordinary engineering expertise, the Khost tunnel complex was created in eastern Afghanistan , at which the mujahedeen were trained.  These are the beginnings of Al Qaeda, a group that, at least at one point in time, used to work for us.

As we examine the 80s drawing to its close, it is still not known whether, like Noriega, Saddam Hussein was simply an American operative who let power and wealth go to his head, a rogue that had to be taken out, or whether he was, as many suspect of Mr. Bin Laden, a necessary demon continuing to function on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex, providing a Hitleresque bad guy for us to attack.  Because he actually went to the trouble to attack and burn Kuwait, others still suspect the former explanation—perhaps America really was trying to liberate the deeply oppressive, misogynistic dictatorship of Kuwait…  in order to liberate its rich oil fields.

We asked, “why, in the early 1990s, would we attack the wind-swept cradle of civilization in the first place?”  Conspiracy theorist Mike Ruppert, a former LAPD cop who has devoted his life to finding truths, suggests that wherever America goes, it is in search of G.O.D…..  gold, oil, and drugs.   One way or the other, in this case, it is clearly most focused on the big “O,” since Iraq still holds the second-largest remaining oil deposits in the world.  However, in examination of the larger pallet, we understand the strategic geographic importance of Iraq .  Jarecki’s “Why We Fight” examines the self-perpetuating industrial imperative of the Military Industrial Complex, and discusses how the once-three-pronged MIC (the military, the defense contractors, and the Congress) has, in recent times, added a fourth component—the think tanks.  As early as the 1990s Gulf War, we witnessed the genesis of the most influential of think tanks, The Project for the New American Century, which came about in the moment when Paul Wolfowitz declared that America ’s new foreign policy must be based on pre-emptive strike rather than on simple containment (the latter of which was Colin Powell’s preference).  The PNAC was, in some ways, a response to the failed effort of the Gulf War.  The PNAC tell us, in their own words, on their notorious website, that “Iraq/Middle East” is an important “theatre” of war, absolutely essential to their proposed world conquest.  The details and rationale – essentially, because the world deserves our guidance– are clearly, if arrogantly explained on the site.

In the aftermath of the “Highway of Death” fiasco, as tens of thousands of both citizens and soldiers fled or retreated from the front lines, they were slaughtered in a massive “turkey shoot,” after which the majority of the rotting carcasses were bulldozed into mass graves before the press pools could arrive.  But some footage did endure, and it was this war crime that served as the catalyst to end the disastrous Gulf War.  Stormin’ Norman , only kilometers from Baghdad , was asked to come home.  As in the Vietnam War, it was actual images of the horror of American hegemony, brought home to the American public by a stray camera capturing charred bodies frozen in time in mutilated vehicles, that ended a great American business franchise.   The next time, we would do it better, the MIC vowed.  Next time we do this, the American public will not see the reality of war.

There isn’t a single North American who can forget precisely what he or she was doing on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, as the work day began.  We don’t have to go into the details of the horrific events– every American knows them well….  how thousands of ordinary, decent, law-abiding humans lost their lives in the magnificently-executed devastation of the WTC twin towers….  How hundreds of brave police and firefighters, like the noble heroes of Engine 40/Ladder 35 who lost their entire contingent except for one, ventured out to assist their fellow Americans that day.  It will live on in dark posterity as one of the great tragedies in American history.

Dozens of errors were made… too many to mention here.  Conspiracy theorists know them well:  Building 7’s collapse later in the day, the freefall “pancake” collapse that seemed like a controlled demolition, and so on.  Yet, it is the sociopolitical background and the historical affiliations of the players involved that ultimately make for the most compelling evidence of all.  Presented in great profusion by conspiracy theorists from Ruppert to Zwicker to Moore , scores of problematic data abound, leaving us with numerous unanswered questions.

Perhaps the most compelling of all is this:  at precisely what point in time did Mr. Bin Laden stop working for the CIA, if in fact he did?  On November 1, 2001, Anthony Sampson wrote the following in UK ’s Guardian:

Two months before September 11 Osama bin Laden flew to Dubai for 10 days for treatment at the American hospital, where he was visited by the local CIA agent, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro. The disclosures are known to come from French intelligence which is keen to reveal the ambiguous role of the CIA, and to restrain Washington from extending the war to Iraq and elsewhere. Bin Laden is reported to have arrived in Dubai on July 4 from Quetta in Pakistan with his own personal doctor, nurse and four bodyguards, to be treated in the urology department. While there he was visited by several members of his family and Saudi personalities, and the CIA.

As Ruppert and many other conspiracy theorists have noted, this is the man whom American Intelligence considered to be Public Enemy #1, a guy whom CIA operatives and American military alike were instructed to shoot on sight.   What was he doing in an American hospital only two months before the horrific attacks on our continent?  Did he have a bad summer, and suddenly turn on us?  If so, doesn’t it take many months to plan an operation of the scope and magnitude of 911?

And if the Afghan War was in retaliation for 911, what were 25,000 American soldiers doing waiting in the Sea of India a full two weeks before the WTC attack?  The PNAC’s own website provides many of the answers to these shocking questions.  Afghanistan was on the acquisitive think tank’s wish-list for some years before 911.  If Halliburton was successful in building a pipeline between Afghanistan and the Caspian Sea, it could meet up with British Petroleum’s massive pipeline that extends between the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean , thus appropriating the rich Afghan oil reserves for Western usage.  When the Taliban, who clearly hated America and its hegemonic interests, came to power in the 90s, it nixed Mr. Cheney (former CEO of Halliburton) and Mr. Wolfowitz’s plan to build the huge American pipeline, and further, burned the Afghan opium fields into dust.  The Afghan war was planned from that moment in the 90s when Mr. Cheney resolved that the anti-American Taliban had to be stopped—  not because they hated us or because they were cruel to women (which they were), but because they were bad for business.

Today, the Halliburton pipeline is being built, and the opium fields are back to 2000% of the level of production that existed prior to the Taliban scourge.  We now know that the PNAC (who have an office in the White House known as the Office of Special Plans) are a special interest group of war profiteers, whose ultimate quest is to control each theatre of war on the globe.  First, though, they will devastate each theatre, leveling it to the ground, bombing each infrastructure into the stone age.  Second, defense and engineering contractors, all of who are friends of the PNAC administration, are sent in to rebuild each choking, gurgling nation, brick by brick, using trillions of dollars pillaged from the US federal budget using coercion, guilt, and fear (“You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists”).

We now know that the Afghan war had nothing to do with searching for Mr. Bin Laden (where’s Waldo) in ochre-coloured caves beneath the seemingly endless mountains of Afghanistan .  We now know that declaring war on Iraq had nothing to do with reclaiming weapons of mass destruction, or seeking vengeance for Saddam’s alleged sponsorship of Al Qaeda.

We now know that we have been lied to at every turn, at every possible juncture at which a citizen could be deceived.  Why?  Because, as Chomsky described, we are naïve, foolish obstacles to the real version of democracy so widely held by our Neo-Con lords.  It is essential that we are lied to, that we have our necessary illusions.  Otherwise, we would complain….  we would unite…  we would protest…  we would dissent…  we would stop wars….

Why are we conspiracy theorists?  Because we live in a culture of lies.