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Note: Students are expected to take a college level approach to a vast array of readings.

It is not essential that you read every paragraph and sentence of a reading for this course; it is essential that you understand the major concepts covered in an article, are able to summarize the meaning of an article, and could offer examples of a given concept.  I encourage you to “scan” articles, rather than reading every word–it is an extremely useful study skill, at college and university levels.

Week 1: Introduction to Pop

Week 2: Analytic Tools: Semiotics, Maslow, and McLuhan

Week 3: Pop Music

Week 4: Hollywood and Consumerism

Week 5: Hollywood and Racism

Week 6: Art

Week 9: Gender

Week 10: The Corporation

Week 11: Advertising

Week 12: Television

Week 13: Militarism and Media

Week 14: Conspiracy Theories