2011 Guests

In 2011, we were very privileged to have, as our special guest, journalist Ayub Nuri, our PEN Lecturer-in-residence. Mr. Nuri lectured our class in Week 13, Militarism and Media.

Ayub Nuri is a journalist from Iraqi Kurdistan, an autonomous region of Iraq. He worked with foreign journalists in Iraq as a fixer — a war-zone interpreter, guide, source-finder and occasional life-saver. Nuri worked with increasing autonomy until he became a reporter with his own byline. Nuri was Baghdad correspondent for Global Radio News. He covered the war in 2003 and the subsequent insurgency, including the sectarian violence. He has reported from Iraq for Public Radio International in Boston and BBC World Service of London. He wrote about his experiences in The New York Times Magazine on July 29, 2007. His work has also appeared in the Washington Post. He has regularly contributed articles to openDemocracy and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. He won the award of the year by the Foreign Press Association in New York in 2007 and the Richard T. Baker Award for the best magazine story, focused on the life and work of Iraqi fixers.

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